Male Escort in Manila for Women Gay Bisexual & Couples

Male Escort in Manila for Women Gay Bisexual & Couples.

Find a Male Escort in Manila for women, couples, gay, and bisexuals, discover here heterosexual male escorts for hire or gay escort in Manila.



There is no doubt that among male escorts for women – the name given in Asia in cities such as Manila Makati and Quezon City to those who “ride the tourist”.

Attractive men find in this type of alternative ways to sale male escort service to busy women, and also to old ladies from Manila.

Currently, businesswomen have a strong desire to hire male escorts and the demand for such services is increasing in Manila. Or at least that’s what the data says.

Simple company or sex without compromise, internet, and other digital platforms have become the fastest and most effective way to hire male escorts in Manila.

Margaret finds Independent male escorts in search results of an investigation carried out between married ladies and single women in Manila has increased almost a 6 x from the year 2015.

Why the demand for male escorts in Manila increase?

Perhaps it is a sign of greater equality between men and women in terms of the demand for sex, or perhaps and because single women and extraordinary ladies find in male escorts services in Manila something different than real relationships do not offer them.

The law of supply and demand in the male escorts market.

After searching for male escorts for women in Manila on  and, the ladies who were doing this research looking for male escorts in the capital of the Philippines raised a reason for an increase in the number of luxury male escorts in Metro Manila area and tried to create a standard profile of women who hire male escort services.

“These ladies are trying to find the motivations that make them hire the services of male escorts in Manila, and to locate the directories that these women use to find straight male escorts.

§ Article about women who hire a male escort service.

The initial findings of the research, which is part of a project called women who hire male escorts in Manila, found that women who hire male escorts for sex in Manila are of all ages have a good financial situation and most of them are usually married in the process divorce or single, and wealthy women who live work and have a business in Manila.

The researchers found 7 straight male escorts currently working in cities such as Manila, Quezon City, Cebu, and Boracay Island.
Also becomes popular female clients looking to hire male escort services in Makati, BGC and Ortigas, concluded that “the main reason for the economic transaction in exchange for company and sex is because they lack time to maintain a relationship. ”

“Casual encounters or romances can be complicated!

Hiring a male escort for women in Manila offers control, the opportunity to experience sexually, and the exploration of fantasies without the fear of being judged by the partner.

Gorgeous men offer male escort service for women.

These days handsome and classy men decide to work as male escorts for women in Manila after a long period of unemployment.

Some of these male escorts find a job at an agency or work as high-class male escorts independently.

Some male escort agencies offer up to 50 escorts for women, other agencies hire male escorts from other countries to serve their women and couples clients in Manila, Quezon City, Cebu or Boracay.

These male escorts receive a great monthly income and their salary is very good as they provide companionship services for couples and wealthy Manila women.

Many of these male escorts receive gifts from their clients such as cars, money, watches and there are cases of women who pay a monthly salary and hire male escorts to offer exclusive services only for them.

Male escort for women and female clientele in Manila.

One of the professions that are growing among the clientele is that of male escort for women in Manila. Normally male escorts are very polite, helpful, and willing to make their clients’ women and couples fantasies come true.

The vast majority of male escorts are hired to accompany women to dinner or luxury events, where the presence or go well accompanied is very important to not stay out of the social circle.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to work as a male escort indicating which are the best options so that you can start in this industry.

What is a male escort service?

Before telling you how to work as a male escort for women it is important that you know exactly what this profession consists of.
Normally male escorts are associated with sexual relations, but the truth is that many of these male escorts do not access this type of service, but simply go as a “companion” or “gigolo” and more men are turning to professional male escort agencies to offer their time and sometimes more to women and couples clientele.

Nowadays the couples clientele are looking for is a heterosexual male escort in Manila, with a certain cultural level who can have a deep conversation on any subject and also with good looks.

For example, a 39-year-old woman looking for a male escort to accompany her, not a perfect physicist, but also looking for someone with whom to share her ideas, problems, or challenges in any area of ​​her life.

Qualities that a straight male escort should have.

To work as a male escort it is essential to be very precise and take care of yourself physically. In addition, you have to be willing to what the women or couple may ask you for, for example, it is likely that you only need to accompany him but, also, you might want to have sex with you.

Therefore, you need to know exactly what services you will offer and what you want.

Women who need to attend events or dinners will often hire you as an escort some of them will have sex with you after the event other women will pay for your time and that’s it.

There are many myths about the male escort profession and in fact, many people are not aware that there is a demand.
But it is already a reality in our society and not only in Manila, in other cities like Quezon City, it is also being implemented.

Boy Friend Experience, Relationships, Sentimental Relationships Advice, and communication techniques Other tips and communication techniques How to work as a male escort.

How to work as a male escort for women or couples?

More and more men are turning to professional agencies to offer male escort services in Manila.

The profile they are looking for are educated men, with a certain cultural level who can have a deep conversation on any subject and also with good looks.

How to work as a male escort – What is the work of professional male escort services?
Qualities that a straight male escort should have.

What you have to do to work as a male escort?

To be able to work as a male escort in Manila you just have to be clear about what this type of work consists of and, once accepted, the next step is to go to a serious and responsible male escort agency.

You can also work as an independent male escort and offer companionship services for women and couples in Manila

In this way, they would take care of the women clients, and, you would only have to worry about doing your job well.
However, if you want to work as an independent male escort, then we recommend that you create a web page or a profile on Facebook to attract female customers.

You can put your ad in newspapers, in magazines, or in web pages designed for relationships or company services.
This is a way to be an “independent male escort in Manila” and to be able to offer your services without intermediaries.

Many male escorts have been asking what the market prices are.

Well, in this sense one of the agencies consulted tells us that they can go from 200 to 400 euros per hour to 2500 euros per full day with accommodation included, not necessarily to practice lovemaking, but to be relaxed and pay attention that the women claim There is also the possibility that couples hire male escort services.

If you want to read more articles similar to How to work as a male escort, we recommend you to enter in our category of women looking for men.


Male Escorts for Women Couples & exclusive Ladies in Manila.

Male Escorts Manila Philippines for busy Women Couples and Upscale Ladies, straight handsome male escorts are waiting for you to entertain you in Manila!

Male escorts Manila offers genuine gentlemen for women and couples in the Philippines, all advertisers are free to offer their companionship services.

From the first second that you contact with the profile of a male escort that you like best, all agreements will be between you and him.

What does it mean to be a straight male escort for women?

Normally, with the profession of a male escort, people women and couples have an erroneous about this interesting profession, since most of the men who want to dedicate themselves to it believe that as men they are, they are here to sexually satisfy women, including many of them, say they would work for free …

The question is, that a company of a high standing male escort for women must be much more than a man with much desire to sleep with women of all kinds, or expecting to be the toyboy of a mature woman.

The reality is quite another, the gentleman who focus on the business of the male escort for women and couples in this way, have no future since any woman who seeks sex can get it without paying a single cent, men are very simple in this regard, they look for something more, something that a normal man cannot give.

The straight male escorts for women must be professionals in all aspects and not live in their own sexual fantasy, because this work is to satisfy ladies and not to satisfy themselves.

The woman looking for a high-class companion, not only looking for an attractive man but also looking for a person with whom to feel at ease, someone with whom to speak if necessary, who knows how to listen and who also knows to be the perfect toyboy.

Women who hire straight male escorts are rich and successful women as they appear in the movies, but there are those ladies who expose themselves to cross that barrier, loaded with desire, much daring and money.

Male escorts in Manila usually charge between 200 and 300 US$ dollars per hour, except VIPs that are more expensive and lend themselves to accompany women and couples on trips, overnights, or events.

Male escorts for women.

In the Philippines especially in Manila women hire male escorts for meetings, events, dinners, moments of pleasure or to accompany them on trips.

The male escort opens the feminine erotic imagery for the possibility of “having” a muscular body, seductive and well endowed, nowadays thousands of women in Manila call for male escorts to hire them and have moments of pleasure.

It is also clear that the male escort does not necessarily sell sexual services, although most male escorts offer sex services.

In some cases, after being hired by bored couples or cuckolds or with open or “threesome” couples, there are women who go a little further and hire the services of male escorts in Manila for various purposes.

The Internet facilitated the meeting between male escorts offer and demand and women and couples interested in hiring their services.

What women are looking for in sex when they hire a male escort?

Women who overcome the first fears or modesty are encouraged to repeat the experience, often with the same young man, unless he has not been able to satisfy them.

They do not seek over virility male active, muscular escorts and with a large penis.

Women want in his bed a fantastic male escort a warrior and the prince, just a combination of strength, sensuality, and romanticism.

Male escort services are hired by all types of women, not just those who feel lonely and seek sex, many of the women who hire straight male escorts do so because they want to enjoy a good time of sex without commitment, with a physically spectacular man and who knows how to make one feel wanted.

Other women hire male escorts to try out new situations or experiences, or simply to have someone who is really for them.

Any excuse is good to give yourself a gift and enjoy life next to a male escort who gives you moments of pleasure and who knows how to treat a woman.

Male escorts know what a woman’s needs are and are willing to indulge all their needs.

Women also pay to have a company of a male escort.

Company, sex, satisfaction and an experience that can become a habit, is what male escorts provide to some women for a high price.

Confessions of a male escort for women based in the city of Manila, the Philippines.

He acts as a male escort for women and couples in Bangkok city in Thailand he is 28 years old, 1.76 meters, his body is marked constant practice of exercises and gym, with brown eyes, not very hairy.

He studied Foreign Trade and did two specializations at a private university in Singapore.

Going to work every day in elegant clothes and tie, “and Friday night, dress very elegant, more informal.”

For his job as a male escort for women, he travels frequently and makes trips to date women and couples in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Taiwan, Dubai, Doha, Sydney, and Melbourne and cities of Asia.

He is a European straight male escort very handsome, single, who lives between Bangkok and Phuket.

Every woman has her own fantasies and sexual needs.

Normally a woman can have sex whenever she wants but many women prefer to hire male escorts in Manila…That does not mean that we want to have her with someone, obviously not.

Women deserve to hire the best male escorts in Manila, men who love to satisfy the sexual desires of all women…

Male escorts only give what a woman wants at any time because it makes them happy…without complications and without explanation…

Search for male escort services anywhere.

No matter where you are, no matter where you are, no matter what you want or seek … your favorite male escort will find you wherever you are in Manila, Cebu in Phuket or in Boracay or outside the Philippines.

Your favorite male escort will do anything you want at all times without explanation… because you are the center of his world because you deserve all the best…because he just wants to see you happy.

Find your favorite male escort, and do not hesitate to arrange a meeting in Manila or any city of your choice … you will not be disappointed.

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