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Male escort for women one of the professions that is growing among female clientele is that of a male escort services. Normally male escorts are very polite, helpful and willing to make their clients’ fantasies come true.

The vast majority are hired to accompany women to dinner or luxury events, where the presence or go well accompanied is very important to not stay out of the social circle.
In this article we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to work as a male escort indicating which are the best options so that you can start in this industry.
What is a male escort services?
Before telling you how to work as a male escort for women it is important that you know exactly what this profession consists of.
Normally male escorts are associated with sexual relations, but the truth is that many of these male escorts do not access this type of service, but simply go as a “companion” or “gigolo” and more men are turning to professional male escort agencies to offer their time and sometimes more to women and couples clientele.
The couples clientele are looking for are heterosexual male escort, with a certain cultural level who can have a deep conversation on any subject and also with good looks.

For example, a 39-year-old woman looking for a male escort to accompany her, not a perfect physicist, but also looking for someone with whom to share her ideas, problems or challenges in any area of ​​her life.
Qualities that a straight male escort should have
To work as a male escort it is essential to be very precise and take care of yourself physically. In addition, you have to be willing to what the women or couple may ask you for, for example, it is likely that you only need to accompany him but, also, you might want to have sex with you.
Therefore, you have to know exactly what services are you will offer and what you are willing.omen who have to attend events or dinners and do not have who to go.
There are many myths about the gigolo profession and in fact many people are not aware that there is a demand.
But it is already a reality in our society and not only in Spain, in other countries of Latin America it is also being implemented.

Boy Friend Experience, Relationships, Sentimental Relationships Advice and communication techniques Other tips and communication techniques How to work as a male escort.
How to work as a male escort for women and couples?
More and more men are turning to professional agencies to offer their time and sometimes more. The profile they are looking for are educated men, with a certain cultural level who can have a deep conversation on any subject and also with good looks.
How to work as a company man – What is the work of a company man?
Qualities that a company man should have.

What you have to do to work as a male escort?
To be able to work as a male escort or gigolo you just have to be clear about what this type of work consists of and, once accepted, the next step is to go to a serious and responsible male escort agency.
In this way, they would take care of the women clients and, this, you would only have to worry about doing your job well.
However, if you want to work as an independent male escort, then we recommend that you create a web page or a profile on Facebook to attract female customers.
You can put your ad in newspapers, in magazines of contacts or in web pages designed for relationships or company services.
This is a way to be and “independent gigolo” and to be able to offer your services without intermediaries.

Many have been asking what the market prices are. Well, in this sense one of the agencies consulted tells us that they can go from 400 euros per hour to 2500 euros per full day with accommodation included, not necessarily to practice lovemaking, but to be relaxed and pay attention that the women claims There is also the possibility that couples hire male escort services.

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