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Women from all over the world look for gigolo services in Bangkok.

Women and married ladies book gigolos to spent a night in Bangkok.

The call is in charge of new gigolos for women in Bangkok. «We haven’t started yet. We are starting », he details. On his website, he defines his pleasure men as “luxury gigolo in Bangkok.” The prices they mark range from 300 euros per hour to 1,800 full days. They still don’t know what the requests will be like in the city, but the woman who speaks is based on her experience with the service in other cities: «More and more are being asked. The profile serves that of an executive woman, especially foreigners to single female to married ladies visiting Bangkok. In this sense, the most experienced agency entrepreneur disagrees. «There are many myths about it. Women are not usually willing to pay for sex. The gigolos are requested by those women who have some kind of physical problem. It would be surprising to know that 40 percent of the cases that claim our services are not by sex. On many occasions it is only to take some reeds, ” he says.

The profile of the gigolo who is engaged in the sex industry in Bangkok is varied.

«The profile of 25 to 35 years is single men, without family and whether the crisis affects them. You have no problems in doing so; the one from 40 up is usually married with children and has a greater economic need. Each gigolo is different », they point out from the most veteran to the new one.
But they clarify: “Everyone does it voluntarily.” Why the profession of gigolo for women has become a typical product of high stand clients? Decriminalizing theories about gigolo for women has become popular in recent times, even in higher sectors of society that in the past had been completely opposed to women who hire them in Bangkok. According to this vision, gigolo for women’s work is freely chosen (except for a few exceptions), it is part of the identity of ‘male gigolos’. And in many cases, it is a much more profitable job option for gentlemen who offer gigolo for women in Bangkok, and therefore more reasonable, than others. As Gregory explained in this medium, “I am better worked as a male escort, gigolo for women than in an office or engineer.” It is a convincing argument.
By legalizing the work of male escort for women, their supporters say, the adult services providers will get rid of social stimulation and enjoy better protection against the risks inherent in their companionship work.

Welcome to our advertising platform.

Our online dating site offers high-class gigolos for women and experienced ladies looking for a partner in Bangkok, all advertisers are independent upperclassmen who advertise themselves liberally to offer their gigolo services to exclusive women in Bangkok. We are not a gigolo agency, we are an online dating site that selects high-end advertisers who offer company services to women worldwide. Meet luxury gigolos from all over the world in Bangkok able to please demanding women looking for a high-level escort. On our dating site, you demanding women will find the perfect gigolo to accompany you in any situation.

American media recently highlighted the case of a “luxury gigolo for women in Bangkok”, a professional lover who seduces the women who hire him to makes them very happy during sex. His reputation makes him one of the most successful gigolos in the world. This is Alan, a 35-year-old European gigolo in Bangkok nicknamed “The Latin Lover”.

This luxury “gigolo” offers gigolo services for wealthy women from all over the world who visit Bangkok looking for company and pleasure. At least 250 women from all over the world have already hired the services of Alan, a professional gigolo specialized in seducing and giving pleasure to women in search of sex and romance. The Latin Lover the Bangkok gigolo travels across Asia from Bangkok to Phuket or from Singapore to Shanghai or Hong Kong to visit women who request their professional lover services. Women are tired of giving and not receiving pleasure and that is why many of these independent, successful, and excellent financial women hire the services of a gigolo in Bangkok to be treated as Goddesses and receive the pleasure they deserve. Bangkok is a city where ladies and upscale ladies will meet VIP gigolos, with a wide and recognized experience in companion services for women.

Luxury gigolos base their philosophy on discretion, elegance, and knowing how to be!

The target audience of luxury gigolos is a current woman, business or high-level women, who seek the company of an attractive, discreet and elegant gigolo, a man who knows how to be anywhere, both in privacy and in social moments, to accompany them to public or private events, in Bangkok or in other cities inside or outside Thailand. Bangkok gigolo is here to meet the current demand of a woman of today, who enjoys the most demanding and who demands first-rate service with total honesty and absolute discretion. Luxury gigolos offer high stand companionship services with total integrity, which guarantees the safety and discretion of all women who request gigolo services in Bangkok.

Gigolo in Bangkok for lonely women.

Gigolo in Bangkok is available to premium ladies and business-women, actresses, or heads of large organizations. We will clarify the meaning of the abbreviations above because, to the Bangkok gigolo, the real VIP is you, woman. The term is used in several fields to designate prominent figures, celebrities, or women who attend an event that requires special attention or protection. It is not very normal to be able to enjoy the company of a VIP person in public or private places. For this reason, VIP women will find a range of gigolos considered to be of the highest level so that you can enjoy the company of a man who is on the same level as you. If you want the company of a specific gigolo or request the services of the man chosen by you in Bangkok he will do everything possible to make your request clear.

Older tourist Ladies travel to Bangkok to hire gorgeous gigolo.

Successful mature women from all over the world travel to Bangkok to hire gigolo services to have an exclusive company by their side during their trip. Hiring a luxury gigolo for women is a smart solution and investment for women who do not want to waste time in bars and clubs looking for a partner who most of the time will not satisfy them sexually.

A luxury ‘gigolo’ in Bangkok reveals what women are asking for when it comes to sex.

Tom is gigolo for women based in Bangkok and confesses that he earns about 7000 dollars a week. A man confesses the secrets of his profession as a luxury gigolo for wealthy and exclusive women in Bangkok. Tom is a 35-year-old professional gigolo from Switzerland who lives in Bangkok and is dedicated to making company services for women from all over the world visiting Thailand. Tom works as a private personal trainer in Bangkok, but wanted to step into the gigolos’ industry. Tom has a rate of $ 400 an hour, making him earn about $ 7,000 a week. His clients include mature upper-class females, businesswomen, married women, divorced ladies from Bangkok, and foreign women who visit Thailand in search of luxury gigolo services. Women who hire the services of a gigolo do not seek for sex only, but also company for walks, trips, dinners, and flirt. “Rich women hire luxury gigolos in Bangkok and pay first-class tickets if they take a trip to Phuket or an island in Thailand,” says Tom of his most exclusive clients, of whom he says “I already know what they really want.” But for the gigolo and the woman who hires him, the best thing is the sex they practice, making women enjoy that is one of the secrets of the luxury gigolos who live in Thailand: “What women ask the gigolos most are erotic games and sexual fantasies, from a love and romantic movies.

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